Primarily Speaking!

Jane Norman DIY Beanie / Peacocks T-shirt / Ebay Harem Pants / Matalan Bag / New Look Block Heels. 

Alas, the black had to go! Whilst I did exercise donning all black in my last outfit post; I am back to my filthy ways which means one thing,  my uncharacteristic motivation today is through the roof. I'm enamored by bright colours, prints and all things in-between; its just plain sorcery. They monopolize the section of my wardrobe that I'm always eagerly willing to wear and if you are hyperventilating over the splendor of these leopard print harem pants, you're only having 50% of the reaction I had when I came across them a few months ago on Ebay going for just £3, totally R A D! The weather often has the most profound influence on my wardrobe choices and  now that the sun has left us yet again; I'm turning to my trusty pants, hoping that they'll all willingly take me back.

I can't express my love for comfy, spacious trousers and this particular pair of pants surely does me justice; it is a breath of freekin' fresh air. Teaming them up with a rather baggy striped top that I relieved off my mother after it had suffered 2 years of neglect, I am going for that 'slouchy', laid back look. Throw in an oversized beanie and bag, you're done; blissfully undemanding. Don't resist, just chill.

Hope you're all having a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo  
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