Mini River Island Haul!

My week has been officially made thanks to Company Magazine and River Island! I received a little  package from them last Tuesday which happened to be a £100 River Island Gift Card; such a great excuse to go shopping right? I strolled into River Island last Wednesday, gift card in hand hoping to buy a few bits and bobs but to my disappointment, I walked out with absolutely nothing because I couldn't decide what to buy. Its official, I am a lost cause!

However, after the Bloggers Meet and St Davids Fashion Show on Saturday, I headed back to River Island for another little look around hoping to actually buy something this time and I did! I spent £60 on these little beauties and still have £40 left. I really don't know what is going on with me right now, I seem to be in a 'white shoes' obsessive phase. The first pair was on sale for £15, I had to have them. I bought the second pair of shoes for £25; the cutest sandals I have ever seen and just perfect for summer. The last thing I purchased is this rucksack with a print flap for my boyfriend. River Island has vast amounts of items I would love to purchase but for now I think I have the most essential summer must-haves. Still, I am rather open-minded, shopping is always on the cards..

Have you purchased anything lately?
Nokhuthula xo
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