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H&M Bowler Hat / Peacocks Shirt / New Look Necklace / H&M Harem Pants / New Look Thin Belt / Matalan Socks / Primark Satchel / Ebay Flatforms.

Jump the fence of mediocrity and become a member of the higher plane, a crossover between geekdom and fashion! Its all about adopting the stereotypically 'geeky' fashions heightening awareness of the hipster subculture. Being a Criminology and Sociology, romcom and crime docu geek, I am rather open about it. Its not something I feel I have to hide as I've been this way all my life. Even though I'm quite enamored by today's fashions, I do like to dress how I feel from time to time. Channeling my inner geek whilst highlighting my predilection for irony. 

This amazing shirt must truly hate me, I completely forgot I even had it. Having been stuck at the back of my wardrobe for nearly a year now, its finally making its grand debut. I paired it up with a pair of Harem pants which I got from H&M a while ago; you all know how much I love roomy pants. Tucking my shirt in like a true geek, I added a simple thin belt to my look to add some character. The whole concept of geek fashion is pretty awesome. Trust me to finish off my look with a pair of funky green monster socks and bright coloured flatforms. Go fourth, Geek out!

Hope you all have a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 

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