Now get this work!

Footlocker Snapback / Matalan Geek Jumper / H&M DIY Shirt / H&M Print Skirt / H&M Leather Trousers / Internacionale Court Heels. 

I'm back home from London/Kingston and I have to say it was quite 'the' journey! After 2 days there, I'm back with more stories than I have shirts and collar necklaces. But for now, I'll tell you about this outfit. The idea of wearing skirts over trousers might send shivers of utter terror down your spine but I've braved it today and decided to try it! Yes, it sounds absolutely absurd that I would try it because this trend reminds me of those odd skirt and pants ensembles from the mid-nineties, which ironically my mother used to wear. A couple of weeks ago, I would have rejected this idea but I dare say, this skirt-trouser dressing sure is no gimmick; its simply an atrocious but weirdly brilliant and simultaneously stylish way of wearing your favourite pants and skirt together at the same bloody time.

These leather trousers are THE most perfect trousers ever made, thank you H&M! They fit perfectly, shape perfectly and are such a great colour. I wore a print skirt over the trousers for that 'skirt-trouser' effect and a bright coloured shirt to add some character to my look. To finish off, I threw in a simple pair of court heels, gold clutch, GEEK jumper and a snapback. This look departs from my grungy tendencies but hell, its all about trying out something new once in a while.

Hope you are all having a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo 


Peacocks Crop Top / New Look Collar Necklace / Matalan Print Trousers / Peacocks Rucksack / New Look Heels.

Wholly monopolizing the section of my wardrobe that I'm always ever so willing to wear, I drool over the splendor of beautiful prints. I could sit here and discuss just how much I love these pants but I'll refrain from doing so. It's rather obvious, loud prints and bright colours are what I live for, wholly enamored by their patterns/textures and everything in-between. I'm going to try and make this a quick one*phht yea right*.  I have a busy 2 days ahead in London so I've got to get shopping for a few supplies and  get on with packing. Yet another last minute outfit which I'm wearing to go perform some of life's simple wonders.

This is probably the first and last time you'll ever see my belly exposed this much. I have never been one to don a crop top without some sort of high waisted bottoms so as to keep my 'decency'. However, I've made an exception today simply because these trousers are so amazing and deserve to be in the spotlight. This is only the second time I've worn them but I can safely say that they are a great staple in my wardrobe. These shoes are definitely my favourite pair right now, they are as light as a feather and are super easy to walk in its actually ridiculous. This is such a simple and understated look, pairing up homely staples; a departure from my rather grungy tendencies. I do apologise in advace if there is a lack of posting on here in the next few days, you can keep up with me and my London antics on Instagram.

Have a nice day!
 Nokhuthula xo 

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One way ride!

Primark DIY Beanie / Ebay John Lennon Style Sunglasses / Vintage Acid Wash Denim Jacket / Primark Bralet / Self Made Boyfriend Shorts / Matalan Socks / Ebay Wedges. 

'Remember me?' screams my boyfriend shorts! They made their last appearance in a grunge look back in February. Because I am so nice, I have decided to give them another chance; it is also another chance for them to woo you with their 'grungey' potential. I made these boyfriend shorts from my brother's pair of jeans at the beginning of this year simply because I wasn't prepared to splash out £28 on a new pair. They are definitely my favourite shorts right now. I'm stuck in one of those obsession phases with a tinge of unpredictability once again.

I haven't worn this bralet in a while so I felt it deserved a little lovin'. Teaming it up with boyfriend shorts and a denim jacket, I am chanelling my inner grunge child yet again. It seems as though wearing socks and sandals has become one of my favourite things to do, I have fallen hard for this rather quirky trend. The sun is not out today but its surprisingly warm, any excuse to bare some legs! 

Have a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo 

Primarily Speaking!

Jane Norman DIY Beanie / Peacocks T-shirt / Ebay Harem Pants / Matalan Bag / New Look Block Heels. 

Alas, the black had to go! Whilst I did exercise donning all black in my last outfit post; I am back to my filthy ways which means one thing,  my uncharacteristic motivation today is through the roof. I'm enamored by bright colours, prints and all things in-between; its just plain sorcery. They monopolize the section of my wardrobe that I'm always eagerly willing to wear and if you are hyperventilating over the splendor of these leopard print harem pants, you're only having 50% of the reaction I had when I came across them a few months ago on Ebay going for just £3, totally R A D! The weather often has the most profound influence on my wardrobe choices and  now that the sun has left us yet again; I'm turning to my trusty pants, hoping that they'll all willingly take me back.

I can't express my love for comfy, spacious trousers and this particular pair of pants surely does me justice; it is a breath of freekin' fresh air. Teaming them up with a rather baggy striped top that I relieved off my mother after it had suffered 2 years of neglect, I am going for that 'slouchy', laid back look. Throw in an oversized beanie and bag, you're done; blissfully undemanding. Don't resist, just chill.

Hope you're all having a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo  

An exception to the rule!

Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / DIY Leather Jacket / New Look Maxi Dress / Matalan Black & Gold Belt / New Look Bag / River Island Shoes.

Having had the greatest ineffable infatuation with bright colours and prints for such a long time; I have been completely enveloped in experimenting with other themes within my 'safe bubble' that I forgot black existed. This is the first time ever I have donned all black and I dare say, it feels rather odd! I decided to rock all black today because I have had a couple of  emails the past few weeks from some of you, my lovely readers requesting that I put together an 'all black' outfit. Of course, it was only inevitable that I would deviate a little from the black by throwing in some white sandals. Its all about hopping on the countercultural bandwagon, the kind that appreciates the beauty of simplicity. Do not fear, I will be back to my bright coloured, print mixing psychotic self in my next outfit post.

Wearing all black might feel odd but its not all bad, I actually feel pretty good in this outfit; isn't it ironic? My views on the colour black have been hugely swayed. I am an avid fan of maxi-length anything and this dress is no exception. Teaming up this beautiful maxi dress with the leather jacket adds some toughness to my look; I did however, throw in the white sandals for that soft, girly touch. It is such a beautiful day, let's hope the sun is finally here to stay.

Hope you are all having a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo 

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Green. Clean. Seen!

 New Look Blazer / Matalan T-shirt / H&M Neon Shorts / Matalan Bag / New Look Heels. 

Overcome by a subtle euphoria, my happiness is triggered by the change in temperature and the slight possibility of donning some leg-baring frocks and what not. This was surprisingly a last minute outfit which I wore today to perform some of life's simple wonders. The weather hasn't been exactly stable hence I'm donning this rather bright ensemble. I dare say, please continue viewing photos at own risk of eye damage or just keep calm and throw on a pair of sunnies.

Can you believe it; I am not wearing a hat today! Going for a simplistic look today, I am paired together some simple green pieces. I have had these shorts for a couple of months and I'm only now making their grand debut, wearing them for the first. It is quite shocking just how long it takes me to get through wearing all my new clothes. I decided to do a 'green on green' match up so as to add some character to my look. A simple graphic tee and a pair of 90s style heels later, I'm wailing out. 

Hope you've all had a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 

Its Tricky!

Ebay Neon Pink Beanie / Ebay John Lennon Style Sunglasses / Vintage Acid Wash Denim Jacket / Sister Vintage Pink Mustache Ring / Internacionale Dress / Matalan Bag / 

Look who's decided to come crawling back; Mr Sun! Our relationship ended rather abruptly a couple of days ago merely because he just wasn't around enough anymore, he let the romance fade away. I think you have noticed by now that I have a tendency of being pretty dramatic; completely enveloped in a world of my own.Rocking the 'Wednesday Addams' style plaits today, Its all about highlighting nostalgia-oriented trends in this grungy mash up of neons, bights and denim.

Working in retail is pretty dangerous, I can't stop buying things. Having bought this dress 2 weeks ago, I have finally had the chance to wear it today. I'm not used to wearing such long dresses which is why I decided to wear this dress in a grungy sort of way. I teamed it up with this Vintage oversized jacket which I purchased from the Cardiff Vintage Fair a few weeks ago and those awesome platform boots. No outfit of mine is complete without some weird pop of colour. BAM; that neon beanie, need I say more?

Hope you've all had a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 

Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue...

H&M Bowler Hat / Peacocks Shirt / New Look Necklace / H&M Harem Pants / New Look Thin Belt / Matalan Socks / Primark Satchel / Ebay Flatforms.

Jump the fence of mediocrity and become a member of the higher plane, a crossover between geekdom and fashion! Its all about adopting the stereotypically 'geeky' fashions heightening awareness of the hipster subculture. Being a Criminology and Sociology, romcom and crime docu geek, I am rather open about it. Its not something I feel I have to hide as I've been this way all my life. Even though I'm quite enamored by today's fashions, I do like to dress how I feel from time to time. Channeling my inner geek whilst highlighting my predilection for irony. 

This amazing shirt must truly hate me, I completely forgot I even had it. Having been stuck at the back of my wardrobe for nearly a year now, its finally making its grand debut. I paired it up with a pair of Harem pants which I got from H&M a while ago; you all know how much I love roomy pants. Tucking my shirt in like a true geek, I added a simple thin belt to my look to add some character. The whole concept of geek fashion is pretty awesome. Trust me to finish off my look with a pair of funky green monster socks and bright coloured flatforms. Go fourth, Geek out!

Hope you all have a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 

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Whatever's hip is not happening!

Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Striped Blazer / Internacionale Top / New Look Necklace / Thrift Leggings / Primark Satchel / New Look Heels. 

So I have ran back to the comfortable arms of my long coloured hair; I just couldn't cope simply because I got a little too accustomed to it. Its all about enlightenment! Call it an overdose on stripes, I'm rather fond of exaggerating with patterns now and then. This look is a departure from my rather grungy/outrageously colourful tendencies. I chose simple, sophisticated staples, donning stripes from head to toe! I hopped on the countercultural bandwagon a while ago, the kind that appreciates the monochrome trend, oversized denim jackets tied around the waist, 90s grunge and the beaiuty of simplistic pieces paired up with statement staples. Just because it's Spring doesn't mean I'm exempt from wearing black and white; going monochrome and still maintaining the spark of Spring with a hint of colour. 

I kept it quite simple today as I romped around town earlier on. I actually planned this outfit a while ago and I have finally gotten around to wearing it. I got this blazer sometime last year and boy am I glad I got it. Just my luck that the monochrome trend got huge this year. Teaming it up with striped leggings, I was going for a simplistic uptown look. It was only inevitable that I would throw in a bright red top and lipstick to complete my look; colour adds just that little bit more character which I believe every outfit needs. A satchel and a pair of heels later, this spontaneous look was born. It's been raining on and off today so not exactly the perfect Spring weather but hopefully the sun comes back soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 
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