Spring Blossoms!

 H&M Bowler Hat / Peacocks Floral Blouse / Matalan Playsuit / Primark Jumper / H&M Bag / 
Peacocks Brogues.

My uncharacteristic motivation today is through the roof; maybe because the sun is actually out today for a change *Hie Spring* or simply because I didn't have to put much thought into this outfit; how very platitudinous! Clearly inspired by the rather demotic monochrome trend; my look today is minimalistic, low maintenance and a reflection of just how much I long for those sunlit days.

I might as-well put up camp in Matalan because just like H&M, I practically live there. And the fact that its literally 10 minutes from my house doesn't help at all. I purchased this playsuit back in August 2012 from the 'teen' section; yes I said the 'teen' section and this particular playsuit is a 14 years. You'd think I'd be abashed by being spotted strolling around the kids (8-16 years) section but I'm far from it. Its can't be helped that I'm a tiny being. Besides, I quite like shopping in the kids section, their clothes are way cheaper and some cuter. I teamed up the playsuit with a floral blouse to add some life to my look; the bowler hat and brogues adding a hint of quirky. As for the jumper, well you'd be crazy not to! Here is to hoping this fine weather sticks around. 

Hope you are all having a lovely day!
Is it sunny where you are?
Nokhuthula xo
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