Little Black Dress!

 New Look Earrings / Peacocks Dress / River Island Print Clutch Bag / New Look Heels.

I just can't resist the classic appeal of a little black dress! This is the second 'night out' outfit post I've done and you can also see the first one here. A wee while ago, I instantly fell in love with this rather extravagant dress as it glared at me from its rail across Peacocks' store floor. Some might call it love at first sight, I simply call it 'shoppaholicism'. I wore this dress for a night out on Saturday after all the day's antics had finished. Its such a great advantage that it doesn't get dark early anymore so I had plenty of time to have these photos taken. I do however post night out outfit photos on my instagram regularly (n_nyasha23). I have never been one to wear black on a night out, especially a plain black dress but this one is most definitely an exception.

I'm increasingly fond of bright colours and neons so I tend to be quite colourfully dressed on nights out but it seems as though I am in one of those obsession phases as I have worn black twice for a night out. Isn't it ironic? The dress has lovely pleat detailing and I didn't want to divert attention away from that. I can guarantee that this is not the last you've seen of this dress; it will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come as I can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. I threw in some big earrings to brighten up the look a little. Red is always a great colour to match with black so I wore a pair of red New Look heels and some red lippy. This River Island clutch is my absolute favourite, the print is just beautiful. The classic little black dress can go a very long way.

Hope you all have a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo

Timeless Treasures!

H&M Bowler Hat / Vintage Dress / Primark Socks / Matalan Bag / New Look Heels.

Today, I come at you with this alluring Vintage dress that I purchased at the Cardiff Vintage Fair on Sunday. I can't even express my true adoration for this dress! It combines my two most favourite things; a collar and colours! Refraining from jazzing it up with any fun accents; the dress does just that for me already with its rather attractive detailing. I tried not to divert attention away from the dress itself, a chance for it to woo you with its minimalistic potential.

This will probably be the shortest outfit post I'll ever write on this blog simply because this dress says it all and I'm going to be late for work if I don't get a move on soon. I paired up the dress up with a multicoloured vintage style bag and striped socks with heels which gives my look that playful edge. I can never be too serious with my outfits, 'fun' is always the main concept. I finished off my look by adding a bright coloured blazer, a girl's got to keep warm. My fondness for Vintage clothing is rapidly increasing and I cannot wait to buy some more.

Hope you all have a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo

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Hopeless saints are in disguise!

Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Ebay John Lenon Style Glasses / Ebay DIY Leather Jacket / H&M DIY Shirt / Wallis Striped Crop Top / Motel Dogtooth Dress / Matalan Faux Leather Rucksack / Multi-coloured Ankle Heels.

Who doesn't love dogtooth or stripes? When you bring them together, its just plain sorcery. I have been enamored by the look of stripes since my infancy; they are just so fascinating and eye catching. My love for dogtooth gradually developed in my teen years. Jumping on the monochrome bandwagon once again, this outfit is founded on irony and classic tastes.

I've had this dogtooth Motel Dress for nearly two years now but I rarely ever wear it; don't really know why because I love this dogtooth print. Teaming it up with a striped crop top and leather jacket, its all about being graphic; grunge with an added dose of toughness! I tend to DIY just about everything I buy, having studded this leather jacket back in 2012 and this shirts collar a few weeks ago. DIY'ing has become one of my most recent addictions; I do it just to make the items more 'me'. I finished of my look by adding a pair of pink socks for that little pop of colour and multicoloured ankle heels which I bagged for just £5 from Its such a dreary day, why not make it just that little bit more graphic!

Well, I am off to the cinema with the family to watch 'The Croods' haha, it looks quite funny so hopefully it makes me chuckle:) 

Hope you are all having a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo

Company Magazine Feature: May 2013 Issue!

Meet me at the mannequin gallery!

H&M Bowler Hat / Next Blazer / H&M Shirt / New Look Necklace / Vintage Belt / Jane Norman Shorts / Matalan Bag / New Look Socks / Primark Wedges.

I seem to have become progressively dependent on my Bowler hat. Realising that I wear this bowler beaut more than I do any other hats in my possession, it is definitely the most versatile one! Well, it doesn't exactly change shape, form or colour; it looks exactly the same every time you wear it but you can pretty much pair it up with anything. I've always been one to break those arbitrary obligations, with a taste of leaving a brave, unconventional first impression; you can never wear a bowler hat too much.

Today was my first day working at Internacionale as their Visual Merchandiser. I worked a 9 hour shift hence the late blog post but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed styling the mannequins. I was really pleased to hear that one of the mannequins I styled on Thursday; the one that wore the dungarees was a customer favourite and all the dungarees are now sold out! Anyway, my look today was rather casual and simplistic with a hint of playful. There will never be a day where I will be caught not donning prints or colours; in this case I went for polkadots. This look is 60s inspired, rocking one of the biggest fashion faux pas ever, "socks with sandals". I finished off this look by adding this beautiful Next Blazer and a vintage belt to match with the shoes; most definitely one of my favourite looks! I've had a really good but long day so a lazy night is in order as I'm working again tomorrow.

Hope you guys have had a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 

That Pee-Wee Homemade Bowtie!

 Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Next Blazer / Self Made Bowtie / Internacionale Shirt / H&M Leather Trousers / Matalan Bag / Platform Boots.

Been waiting forever, well a couple of days, to debut this unapologetically cute bowtie which I made a couple of days. I'm getting just a little bit too accustomed with DIY and a little obsessed with the rather demotic leather trend. Couldn't help but pair the leather pants with this incredible blazer that I relieved off my mother after it had suffered years of neglect.

Donning similar colour shade pieces is so last year and so is oxblood.. says who? I am so over these conventional fashion cliches! This has to be one of my favourite outfits ever; its bold and simplistic with a hint of playful. I am obsessed with these rather demotic leather pants, they are the perfect fit. I added the blazer to add that little bit of boldness to my look. Its colour also tones down the brightness of this look, wouldn't want to blind anybody. You can never go wrong with black boots and black accessories when wearing such an outfit.

**Company Magazine's May Issue is out today, woo! Grab a copy because I'm in it and see the shoot I styled:)

Hope you are all having a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo
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