Top 5 Beauty Classics!

Okay, so let's be realistic; we have all had those 'OMG, do you still remember that lipgloss we used to wear when we were in high school? I loved it, where did they go?' Tough market out there, survival of the fittest! Beauty launches come and go but there’s some iconic products that have most definitely stood the test of time. These classic beauty essentials from Chanel, Crème de la Mer and Jo Malone that every woman should own are still standing strong after how many years?

  1.  EVE LOM Cleanser
Yes ladies, you're filthy! You begin your day with a brisk flash of water and end it by rubbing yourself with a soggy flannel! That face is groaning from a long day at work/school/university, whatever it may be. Don't you think it's time you invest in a cleanser? After doing a little research on cleansers, Eve Lom is suggested to be the best; the exact reason why this brand has stood the test of time. It removes make-up and cleanses your skin, tones and exfoliates, all using a little muslin cloth. This will most certainly de-grime you!  

2. CLARINS Beauty flash balm

It's brightening, tightening and suitable for all skin types. Containing olive and witch hazel extracts, Clarins beauty Flash balm helps smoothen the skin’s surface, ideally prepping the skin for your base application enabling your foundation to stay put for hours. Loved by celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss, Beauty Flash Balm is a definite radiance booster.

3. CHANEL Nº5 Eau de Parfum Spray

Uncompromising and magnetic, Chanel Nº5 Eau de Parfum Spray reveals a seductive, intimate and intensely brilliant scent that will get you hooked which is why this is my favourite parfum! Countless bottles of this particular parfum can be found lying around my room and only god knows just how much I've spent on it. You can't blame really because it is long lasting, spray it once in the morning; smell good all day long. Offering delicate accents and a luminous oriental fragrance, this is a definite must have.

4. JO MALONE Lime Basil and Mandarin body & hand lotion

How about this very simple and chic packaging? If this doesn't win you over already, you are a lost cause. A wonderful, luxurious product that is sure to make your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom..really! The price tag on this is rather high and is not something I would be able to buy for myself on a student budget. I was lucky enough  to have received this last year for my birthday and I have to, it is just divine. This product would make a great gift.

5. CREME DE LAR MER The Moisturising Gel Cream

Super moisturizing but fresh and light at the same time, delivers the same radiance and suppleness that made the original Crème de la Mer a legend, leaving skin deeply hydrated and refreshed; this cream is a definite must have which is ideal for warm weather climate.

Have you tried any of these Beauty Products?
Nokhuthula xo

Little Black Dress!

 New Look Earrings / Peacocks Dress / River Island Print Clutch Bag / New Look Heels.

I just can't resist the classic appeal of a little black dress! This is the second 'night out' outfit post I've done and you can also see the first one here. A wee while ago, I instantly fell in love with this rather extravagant dress as it glared at me from its rail across Peacocks' store floor. Some might call it love at first sight, I simply call it 'shoppaholicism'. I wore this dress for a night out on Saturday after all the day's antics had finished. Its such a great advantage that it doesn't get dark early anymore so I had plenty of time to have these photos taken. I do however post night out outfit photos on my instagram regularly (n_nyasha23). I have never been one to wear black on a night out, especially a plain black dress but this one is most definitely an exception.

I'm increasingly fond of bright colours and neons so I tend to be quite colourfully dressed on nights out but it seems as though I am in one of those obsession phases as I have worn black twice for a night out. Isn't it ironic? The dress has lovely pleat detailing and I didn't want to divert attention away from that. I can guarantee that this is not the last you've seen of this dress; it will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come as I can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. I threw in some big earrings to brighten up the look a little. Red is always a great colour to match with black so I wore a pair of red New Look heels and some red lippy. This River Island clutch is my absolute favourite, the print is just beautiful. The classic little black dress can go a very long way.

Hope you all have a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo

So, how was it?

H&M Bowler Hat / H&M Jumper / H&M Shirt / Matalan Necklace / Sister Vintage Rings / H&M Trousers / Matalan Bag.

Yesterday I attended the Cardiff Bloggers Meet, went on to watch the St Davids Fashion Show then had a lovely Q&A session with JP, the stylist of the St Davids Show. I chopped off my hair on Friday, just had one of those moments. And my 'print appreciation' phase continues, donning some majorly alluring trousers which I purchased from H&M a while ago. I've been so enveloped in experimenting with other themes but this outfit is what I am mostly likely to be caught romping around town in. Comfortable practical and a combination of my favourite things, bright colours, prints and a good ol' collar!
I received a little package from Sister Vintage on Friday. It was a great little surprise, especially after a long day at work. I was rapturous when I opened the package to see some knuckle rings and a lovely letter from the girls. The rings are silver and are too big for me! I have the skinniest fingers going, barely any rings fit me at all so I wore the knuckle rings just like normal rings (see photo above). However, Sister Vintage have re-marketed the knuckle rings on their site as a pack of 3 rings so better potential of fitting above knuckles plus they you can buy them for just £1! Whats not to love? Knuckle rings are most definitely not a new trend but they've been gaining momentum for a few years now; a definite must have this summer! You can buy them HERE . Thank you Sister Vintage:)

 The Blogger meet was fantastic and I am so glad to have met other local bloggers. There was cupcakes and you all know just how much I love cupcakes; a lot of chit chat going on, cocktails and food. Everyone was super friendly and I just can't wait for the next meet!

The St Davids Fashion Show was brilliant! I've only uploaded my favourite looks from the show but monochrome definitely stole the spotlight. I also got the chance to talk to JP the stylist, had a couple of photos and videos which was brilliant. After all this, I still had the energy to go shopping so I quickly nipped into River Island to purchase a few things. As soon as I got home, I started getting ready for a night out; you can imagine my exhaustion. I will do a blog post on my 'night out' outfit and a post on what I bought in River Island. I am sitting behind this computer screen in my pajamas, munching on lots of junk and watching movie after movie after movie; a lazy Sunday was most  definitely in order right?

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!
Nokhuthula xo

Timeless Treasures!

H&M Bowler Hat / Vintage Dress / Primark Socks / Matalan Bag / New Look Heels.

Today, I come at you with this alluring Vintage dress that I purchased at the Cardiff Vintage Fair on Sunday. I can't even express my true adoration for this dress! It combines my two most favourite things; a collar and colours! Refraining from jazzing it up with any fun accents; the dress does just that for me already with its rather attractive detailing. I tried not to divert attention away from the dress itself, a chance for it to woo you with its minimalistic potential.

This will probably be the shortest outfit post I'll ever write on this blog simply because this dress says it all and I'm going to be late for work if I don't get a move on soon. I paired up the dress up with a multicoloured vintage style bag and striped socks with heels which gives my look that playful edge. I can never be too serious with my outfits, 'fun' is always the main concept. I finished off my look by adding a bright coloured blazer, a girl's got to keep warm. My fondness for Vintage clothing is rapidly increasing and I cannot wait to buy some more.

Hope you all have a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo

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Earth laughs in flowers!

H&M Bowler Hat / Ebay John Lennon Style Sunglasses / Peacocks Floral Print Dress / Peacocks Print Rucksack / New Look Socks / New Look Heels.

I have the greatest ineffable infatuation with floral prints especially in Spring and Summer, a sycophantic obsession that even my own mother can't understand. This may simply be because I officially 'lost it' years ago or I am merely in love with the way the sun hits my skin; experiencing that feeling of warmth and serenity.

Before I go any further, can someone enlighten me as to why my arms seem more toned than usual? I have never exercised a day in my life, its rather confusing. Anyway, the weather is freekin R A D today I actually cannot believe it! I finally got to wear this cute floral print dress for the second time after being stuck in my wardrobe the past year. Having purchased it from Peacocks for just £5 2 years ago; I had only ever worn this little gem once back in 2012. Rather confused as to why I barely wear this dress as it has now most definitely left a stamp on my heart. The floral rucksack adds just the right amount of toughness to my look.I finished off my look by donning blue socks with my silver 90s style heels for that soft touch. Wearing sandals with socks is rapidly becoming my signature; but wait, everybody else is doing it too which makes it a trend. I have never really been one to follow trends! I mean really; me a conformist. The absolute horror!

Hope you are all having a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo

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I'm only going in for one thing..

Ever since I started my job as a Visual Merchandiser, I seem to be shopping even more than before! I am always coming by items that I just have to have and the fact that I work right in the middle of town doesn't help either. I popped into Primark first hoping to purchase just one thing; a pair of shorts. Unfortunately, I ended up buying a few more things in there then went on to H&M and other stores.  Isn't it ironic?

I'm heading back to the 90s with these amazing silver heels which I bagged for a mere £8 from New Look! I absolutely adore these shoes, they are lightweight, very retro and most definitely comfortable; what's not to love? Everywhere I look, I see the Batman logo and I have finally jumped on the Batman Wagon. I bought this Batman and the Print t-shirts from Primark for just £5 each. You could have guessed that I found these little beauts in the boys section haha. They are 12-13 years old; yes it is actually quite shocking just how small I really am!
How cute are those shorts which I bought for £5? Their colour is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to rock those badboys. I have lost count of just how many pairs of trousers I own, & I keep on buying more! Its so surprising when some of my friends tell me that when they walk into H&M, they can't find anything to buy. Guess how much I paid for those trousers? Freeking £3! They were on sale; how could I pass by such a great bargain. Trust me to buy a pair of boots just because it was raining that day and I didn't want my feet to get wet Best decision I have ever made simply because these boots are majorly versatile and besides, I bagged them for just £7. I honestly love how simple they are, makes it easier for me to style them into an outfit. 

Total = £33. Pretty great value for 2 t-shirts, a pair of denim shorts, a pair of print H&M Trousers and two pairs of shoes wouldn't you say?:)

**NEW HAIR DO: So this morning, I said goodbye to just about the most colourful hair I have ever had in my life! Traded in my long red/purple/black hair for a short light brown and black bob with a fringe..
Hope you are all having a nice day!
Nokhuthula xo

Hopeless saints are in disguise!

Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Ebay John Lenon Style Glasses / Ebay DIY Leather Jacket / H&M DIY Shirt / Wallis Striped Crop Top / Motel Dogtooth Dress / Matalan Faux Leather Rucksack / Multi-coloured Ankle Heels.

Who doesn't love dogtooth or stripes? When you bring them together, its just plain sorcery. I have been enamored by the look of stripes since my infancy; they are just so fascinating and eye catching. My love for dogtooth gradually developed in my teen years. Jumping on the monochrome bandwagon once again, this outfit is founded on irony and classic tastes.

I've had this dogtooth Motel Dress for nearly two years now but I rarely ever wear it; don't really know why because I love this dogtooth print. Teaming it up with a striped crop top and leather jacket, its all about being graphic; grunge with an added dose of toughness! I tend to DIY just about everything I buy, having studded this leather jacket back in 2012 and this shirts collar a few weeks ago. DIY'ing has become one of my most recent addictions; I do it just to make the items more 'me'. I finished of my look by adding a pair of pink socks for that little pop of colour and multicoloured ankle heels which I bagged for just £5 from Its such a dreary day, why not make it just that little bit more graphic!

Well, I am off to the cinema with the family to watch 'The Croods' haha, it looks quite funny so hopefully it makes me chuckle:) 

Hope you are all having a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo
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