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H&M Bowler Hat / Next Oversized Blazer / Wallis Striped Crop Top / New Look DIY Necklace /H&M Trousers / Primark Bag / New Look Heels.

"Remember me?" my print trousers asks. They made their last appearance in a preppy look so I decided to give them another chance. It is also another chance for them to woo you with their minimalistic potential. Seems as though the weather is a bit of a tease, one minute its sunny the next its gloomy! If you ever wonder why the weather influences my outfits so severely,it's because I'm always outside. Wherefore art thou, Spring?

I am becoming increasingly fond of Blue; if you haven't noticed, I've worn quite a few blue centered outfits the past 2 maybe weeks. It might be my mother's influence because blue is her favourite colour or its just me finally taking notice of all the blue item that have been rotting away at the back of my wardrobe. Either way, I am completely in love with this Dark Blue blazer which I found at the back of my mother's wardrobe which is now my new favourite item. She purchased it from Next 4 years ago but never wore it as she apparently doesn't like it! What's not to like? I subtly offered to take it off her hands as I adore it. Its a great wardrobe staple because it can be paired up with just about anything. The gold buttons are a bonus, great little details. This is also the second time I've worn this striped top which I've had for an astounding 4 years but never wore until two weeks ago; its actually funny how alike my mother and I are! Matching my lipstick to my shoes, the hint of red adds a bit of toughness whilst the clash of stripes and prints gives my look just enough edge. I don't usually wear long necklaces but I felt it went well with my look today. I actually made this necklace from an earring about a month ago. Yes, when boredom knocks; DIY.

 **So, yesterday I was in the South Wales Echo Newspaper. I have added a photo of the paper to my FEATURES Page. Head on over and have a little look. 
Hope you are all having a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo 

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