Just go with it!

Ebay Flat Top Fedora Hat / Ebay John Lennon Style Sunglasses / Sister Vintage Cross Earrings / Ebay Blazer / H&M Shirt / DIY Shorts / Matalan Rucksack / Amazon.co.uk Heels.

The heavens seem to be smiling upon us today as the sun is out and the cold is actually bearable. Jumping on the tartan trend wagon, my look today is totally grunge inspired, my inner grunge child has been yearning to be released once again. I am particularly fond of the the DIY shorts which used to be my brother's trousers, that I just so happen to make this morning.

I love going through my brother's wardrobe because I always find his old jeans/trousers which I can use to make shorts. I made myself a pair of Boyfriend shorts from  his old jeans back in February, see them HERE! I teamed up the DIY shorts with a tartan blazer and a simple shirt so as not to divert attention away from the shorts as they are the brightest piece I have on today. I added my Matalan rucksack and fedora hat to add some edge to my look. As for the John Lennon style sunglasses, well let's keep it playful shall we? 

Hope you guys are having a lovely day!
Nokhuthula xo
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