Wreckless Serenade!

New Look Beret / NEXT Blazer / H&M Jumper / Matalan Denim Shirt / Matalan Necklace / Sorayas Striped Leggings / Matalan Bag / Ebay Wedge Creepers.

Last night, my boyfriend and I made a little trip to the Cinema where we watched 'The Host' which was really good actually, extravagantly silly yet undeniably entertaining! We originally wanted to watch GI Joe but the viewing time was a bit late. Saturday evenings are basically our 'movie night', whether it be cinema or a simple DVD in the comfort of his home, its always nice to have that bit of quality time. Anyway, my look last night was rather simple. With its neutral blue colour and beautiful gold button detailing, I evidently can't get enough of this Next Blazer.

This outfit was based around the colour blue, which I seem to be wearing a lot lately. The striped leggings made yet another appearance, I just adore them as they are perfect for this year's monochrome trend. I teamed them up with a blue denim shirt and a royal blue jumper plus the dark blue blazer for that color blocked effect. I finished off my look by adding a pair of royal blue creepers to match my jumper. As for the beret on my head, it was only inevitable that I would end up donning a hat; call me predictable.

Hope you are all having a lovely day filled with lots of chocolates!
Happy Easter
Nokhuthula xo 

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