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When the winter sun comes out, the DIY ripped tights come out to play! I am getting rather fond of grunge lately and will be experimenting a bit more with it in the coming weeks. This morning I was feeling a bit creative, it was only inevitable that I would end up with a needle and thread plus a pair of scissors in my hands; not forgetting my brother's old pair of jeans. In just a few minutes, these bad boy shorts were born. I have wanted a pair of boyfriend style shorts for a while now but they are rather pricey (you can get them cheap on Ebay from China mind, delivery takes a while to get here though) hence decided to make this pair myself from my brother's old jeans; recycling much?

I did an outfit post a while ago where I first debuted these ripped tights which I also made myself. When your tights are ripped, rip them some more! It is the perfect solution, ripped tights always add a grunge feel to an outfit; instantly making it a bit edgy and daring. Being a student and all, I don't have money to flaunt about and so rely on my hands as the ultimate DIY tool. Teaming them up with a bright coloured check shirt and ankle heels to match, I was channelling my inner grunge self; topping it all off with a fedora hat and leather jacket. I am now bloomin' obsessed with these shorts, they turned out quite okay wouldn't you say? You will be seeing a lot more of them; here's to grungy greatness!

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