Saturday, 16 February 2013

Looking for any excuse to just cut loose!

H&M Bowler Hat / Misguided Dress / H&M White Shirt / New Look Necklace / Platform Boots / Primark Coat.

Gone are the days of bearing legs? Phht, I think you mean 'gone were the days of bearing legs.' The weather has been rather merciful on us today, its normally poop; no rain,  no wind and its actually quite warm outside. Taking advantage of such weather, I decided to give my tights a rest and bare those legs. As you all may know already, my favourite colour is purple and so its quite obvious why I am very fond of this dress. Besides the colour, I love the sequin detailing, its such a great touch and adds a hint of elegance.   

I received this dress as one of my 20th Birthday gifts from my boyfriend back in 2011 (I feel old but yay it still fits). Don't really know why I am surprised that it still fits, maybe because I have been a whole lot of junk lately but lets be honest; I stopped growing a long time ago; oh hail high metabolism. Back to the outfit, I wore a white shirt underneath the dress for a preppy feel. I love that this dress has long sleeves, makes it more versatile and easier to wear both in winter and summer. The bowler hat had to make an appearance as I feel it goes so well with this look. Now meet my black and white coat, I have had it for two years but rarely ever wear it, don't think I even wear most of the clothes in my wardrobe. Hear is to hoping the weather stays dry & its all fine and dandy clear skies!

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What percentage of your wardrobe do you actually wear?
Nokhuthula xo 
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