#FRESH 90s kid!

 Footlocker Snapback / Matalan T-shirt / DIY Self Made Shorts / Ebay Creepers / JOOP Rucksack.

It is pretty obvious what inspired my look today; only the best TV Show ever made, Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Debuting just about the most awesome t-shirt in my wardrobe, I have been wanting to show you guys this text t-shirt for ages. The graphic print on it is superb, its one of those t-shirts that easily captures people's attention. Its so light outside, you can barely see my tee in the photos, boo! Though I'm rocking this rather amazing text tee, can someone tell me what is actually meant by #fresh, haha? Its just one of those words that I see and hear a lot (fashion context) but have never been interested enough to ask about it. Anyway, the best summation for my look is '90s urban street style'. Didn't know I wore snapbacks too did you?

'Halloooo again' says my self made boyfriend shorts, I just can't stay away from them! My favourite DIY so far in my wardrobe. I  love this look, its so 90s; I was born in the 90s after all. I teamed up my look with a pair of creepers to create a more modernised look. I finished it off by adding this JOOP vintage rucksack that my mum got for me maybe 6 years ago. You can't go wrong by adding some red lippy. 

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What do you think of this look?
Nokhuthula xo
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