We are trapped in what we created, Ombre creep!

Ebay Beanie / Primark Ombre Jumper / Peacocks Shirt / Matalan Necklace / H&M Leather Trousers / Amazon.co.uk Platform Boots / Primark Satchel.

Since today's post is going to be short and sweet, I am going to put my emphasis on these leather trousers. I woke up this morning my mind set on wearing these amazing leather trousers that I purchased from H&M back in December 2012. Little did I know that it would rain today; I wore them anyway. When talking about the perfect pants, these come to mind straight away; they are freeking F I E R C E! When I first saw these on that sale rack, I think I dribbled a little; it was only inevitable that they would end in my shopping basket and a staple in my wardrobe. 

I have been lusting over grapes a lot lately, my favourite thing to eat these days, so I'm off to get me some. Oh and the colour of my pants reminds me of grapes, such a gorgeous colour! The Ombre jumper which I bought from the men's section in Primark end of last summer is making an appearance again. Its been a while since I wore it but I thought it would go well with these pants. I accessorised this look with a statement necklace from Matalan (£2, it was on sale, woo) and you can never go wrong with a pair of platform boots. We are having such dull weather; all the more reason to don some colourful pieces.

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Do you have anything Ombre and what's your take on the leather trend?
Nokhuthula xo
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