Review: Rimmel London & Kate Moss Lipsticks!

An involuntary accolade to these two lipsticks, the two I just can't do without! It was that time again when I have had to leave the comfort of home and venture into town to buy some new lipsticks that I so needed and had clearly run out. My love for lipsticks was discovered 4 years ago and now I continuously rant about how amazing they are or otherwise.

Rimmel London (Shade 128):
 A sexy deep burgundy/purple which is surely one of the smoothest lipsticks I have ever used. The staying power is great, lasting approximately 6 hours on me; chewing and eating included. How amazing is that? This lipsticks gives full, opaque coverage, has no cheap fragrance to it  and does not settle in lines/cracks on the lips. Hence my huge addiction to it! Rimmel London lives up to its fame, definitely recommended.

Kate Moss (Shade 107):
Firstly, I apologise for the photo, this lip colour looks a bit different when applied to my my lips due to my darker skin tone! This lipstick is just amazing. Kate Moss's Velvet Lipstick took me by surprise because it is brilliant; best lipstick in my make up bag and definitely my favourite. With longest staying power I've ever come across (approximately 7 hours, even better than a lip stain, haha), full coverage, no undesirable smells and doesn't settle in cracks on the lips; this lipstick is one to have! The best thing about this lipstick is that it suits all skin tones, you just can't lose! Its moisture seals in which means the colour goes on and on, saves you having to apply it again and again. Get it, Try it, You might just love it!

Have you managed to get your hands on either of these lipsticks? What do you think?
Nokhuthula xo
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