Essie Nail Varnish Review!*

Yesterday, I received a little something from Liberty for me to review. I was sent an Essie Nail varnish in Bazooka, Thank you! & yes that is a Liberty Print frog you see there, its too cute. The frog is a bit of a  Liberty icon and is based on one of Athur Liberty's favourite hand carved decorations in the Tudor Store. When I opened the package, I was instantly excited as the colour of the nail varnish unveiled; its so gorgeous and really bright which is as you all know, right up my street. Bright looks better & this Essie nail varnish does just that for me. Its no secret that I am a fan of nail art, and after using this nail Varnish I am sure to buy more than my fair share of it. While Essie costs a little more than your average nail polish, it dries very quickly and looks so much better. With a great selection of colors behind them, Essie Nail Varnish is one to try.The best thing about it though is that it lacks some of the harsher chemicals that cheaper polishes have, you can't lose.

Didn't I tell you that the colour is gorgeous? This colour is called Bazooka (pretty cool name) and the brush makes it fairly easy to apply. Its so rich in color and there are so many to choose from. The coverage is great. You can purchase Essie nail varnishes from Liberty here:
I like to mix it up a bit and so I also added Rimmel London Metal Rush Nail Polish to keep it playful. This was the end result, what do you think?

There you have it, my nails for the next couple of days. Also, check out Liberty's Beauty gift sets, you might just find a little something you like.

*Please note, this Essie Nail Varnish was provided for free. This doesn't sway my opinion to the positive side in any way, my review is still 100% honest.

What do you think of this Essie Nail Varnish?
Nokhuthula xo
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