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And the nightmare continues, horrid weather and the endless attempts to get decent outfit photos. Taking blog pictures in winter is quite the mare! But hey, its nearly Christmas; a good reason to be cheerful! I've gone for a vintage feel today. Don't you just love this skirt? I know I do, I bought it for £6 from a small local shop in my area, such a great find. The print is just gorgeous and its very bright and vibrant; brightening up my very gloomy and cold winter day. I wore it with a bright coloured check shirt and a black jumper.

I accessorised this outfit with a bronze and gold statement necklace and my bowler hat, which I am currently obsessed with. My obsession with this bowler hat is getting out of hand and so I am looking into buying some more bowler hats in different colours. Would also like to try out fedora hats. This pair of shoes is one of my many favourite pairs of shoes, the best thing about these shoes is that I bought them for just £5; my best find yet.

I am wearing:

H&M Bowler Hat
Asos Geek Glasses
H&M Jumper
Superdry Shirt
Primark socks
Burgundy/Wine Ankle Boots

Which item from your wardrobe are you currently obsessed with? 

Nokhuthula xo

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