The Perfect Nails for Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it is time to start planning those Christmas party outfits! Office parties, a get-together with the girls or even a family reunion requires a festive and fashionable outfit. But with the pressure on to wear the latest fashions and use the best beauty products - this time of year can be tough on your finances.

A quick and non-expensive way of giving your outfit a Christmassy and fashionable lift is by rocking Christmas nail designs. Luckily, wearing these designs on your nails doesn’t have to be a tricky as it sounds – the look can easily be achieved using nail wraps. Nail wraps allow you to create the hottest nails around without the hassle of nail polish. The wraps simply stick onto your finger and toenails, you then file them to the correct shape and voila! But best of all because the wraps are made with high quality vinyl film they won’t chip so will last longer than nail polish. They simply peel off when you are ready for a change so technically you could have a different nail design everyday of the Christmas season.    

There is a huge selection of Christmas Nail Wraps to choose from which means you can achieve any look you desire. If you are going for a more traditional look you could try a plain gold or red nail design which will compliment your outfit with the key colours of the season. Or if you are feeling adventurous, choose a patterned design to add that fashionable edge to your fingernails. 

For those who really want to rock the festive look, try a novelty design like snowflakes.

The white snowflakes sit with small silver diamantes on a transparent background, giving you the option of painting your nails first, to create a beautiful, festive finish.

Guest post by Shannon Lewis.
These nails wraps can be bought here: HND Nails
What are your thoughts on these Christmas nail wraps?  

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