Achieve my look in just 20 minutes!

So, quite a few people have been asking me to do a 'Face of the day' post. I have taken photos of a few photos and will reveal my new hair in this post too!

These are the products that I have used today.

Step 1: Start by applying on your foundation base. Your base can be any sort of lotion, I use Nivea lotion. 
Step 2: Apply on a thin layer of foundation, I use MAC Studio Fix Foundation: Shade NW45. 
Step 3: Now use the eyeliner to give your eyes an intense look, mine is a Kohl black eyeliner.  
Step 4: Apply on some mascara. (I use Lacura beauty Mascara)
Step 5: My favourite part, grab the lipstick of your choice and put it on. In this case I used one of my favourite lipsticks, a pink £1 lipstick from Wilkinsons.

Step 6: Apply some blusher. I don't like noticeable blusher, I like it light! I use 'Island Beauty' light pink blusher simply because it is not very visible. Apply using the blusher brush for great coverage.  

& that's it, really simple. It takes me approximately 20 minutes to do this, great for when you are in a rush.
Oh and by the way, I HAVE NEW HAIR! Its a short light brown and black bob with a front fringe, 1 side is shorter than the other.
What do you think of my face of the day and my new hair?

Nokhuthua xo
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