Moody Melody, Shades of Burgundy!

Gone are the barelegged days, winter conveys a wet and gloomy atmosphere & if you are not careful, you might just fall into a deep burrow of melancholia. Colour madness, my kind of game; its what I live for. Being a chameleon when it comes to the weather, I find it artless not to fall into the blues of cloudy weather. 

Ahhhh, who doesn't love fuzzy oversized knit sweaters in winter; the fuzzier, the better. I love this burguny/wine sweater that I got from Primark around 2 months ago. Probably the softest sweater I own as well as being one of the warmest. I studded my beanie myself, yes studding yet again; I enjoy putting my stamp on things.

What better way is there to wear stripes leggings than with with a check shirt and a bright coloured oversized sweater. I am a colossal nitpicker when it comes to functionality in bags. Why? Because I like having easy access to my bag, makes my life so much easier. This look was a no brainer, mixing patterns with bright colours and neons rocks my socks off! 

I am wearing:

Ebay Beanie (DIYed)
New Look Gold Collar Necklace 
Peacocks Shirt
Primark Oversized Sweater
Sorayas Stripe Leggings
Matalan Socks
Burgundy Shoes
Matalan Bag

What do you think of my look today? Are you loving Burgundy/Oxblood/Maroon colours this winter?

Nokhuthula xo
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