Call of the wild.. the sporty way!

Call of the wild indeed having gone for these rather L O U D leopard print harem pants. Ahh, another obsession of mine, this ombre jumper of mine. When I saw this ombre jumper, I think I dribbled. The only issue was that it was in the men's section. Regardless of it being a men's jumper, I had to have it! Pretty sure some guys were looking at me thinking, "Well, she's a bit uncanny" due to the massive grin that was on my face.

So, I've gone for a sporty look today; I do have my off days. The thrifty bit of this outfit is the pants. Can you believe that I bought these fabulous harem pants for just £3 on Ebay. I love buying stuff on Ebay, you always find great pieces on there, at a brilliant price. All the beanies I own were bought on Ebay for like £2; I then DIY all my beanies myself to stamp a bit of my character on it. In this case, I studded this purple beanie right across the front with black spike studs. I like things that are different and quirky, makes fashion a tad more interesting.

I accessorised this outfit with a bronze/gold necklace and a print rucksack. I studded my shirt with red spike studs this morning actually, also I studded the ombre jumper sometime during the summer. Sneaker wedges have to be the most comfortable shoes out there. What could be better than great looking shoes, that are comfortable and give me a bit more height? I am after all, only 5ft 2.

I am wearing:

Ebay Beanie (DIYed)
Primark Ombre Jumper (DIYed)
Peacocks Shirt
Ebay Leopard Print Harem pants Sneaker wedges
Peacocks rucksack

What do you think of my look today and are you loving the Sporty Chic trend?

Nokhuthula xo
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