My NOTW: Tutorial #1 _Teal & Gold!

One more thing you guys should know about me, I  play around with my nails a lot and I actually do Nailart. My nail art normally lasts for 5-6 days & so this is my Nail Look for the week. Here is how to get nails like mine:

What you need: 
  • Nail scissors
  • Nail file
  • Green nail polish 
  • Internacionale Union jack nail stickers
How to do it:
  1. Cut and shape your nails using the scissors and nail file.
  2. Paint all your nails green.
  3. Leave them to dry. 
  4. Once dry, cut the Union jack stickers into straight strips, basically cut them into half. You don't have to cut them into half, create cute shapes with them if you wish.
  5. Now place the sticker onto your nail, covering half of your nail. Do this to all your nails.
  6. Make sure they actually stick. 
  7. Now that the stickers are secure on your nails, cut and shape the stickers so they are the same length as your nails.
  8. Press down on the stickers just to make sure they are properly stuck on.
& Voila!

What do you think of my NOTW?

Nokhuthula xo

New to Blogger, Join my Blog!

I am so excited to have finally moved to Blogger from Tumblr but I am gutted that I couldn't take all my lovely followers with me, I have to start from 0 followers here :(. I love Tumblr but it is restricted when it comes to feedback; It would be nice to have some feedback from my readers. 

Today has been my first day on Bloggers and I have been on a following spree, so if I follow you; do follow me back. Anyway, my outfit today is quite the mixture of colors. Yes, those ankle boots are new! I love them, the color is gorgeous and believe it or not, they are so comfortable. I got them for a steal price, £5; unbelievable right? Collar necklaces are so on trend right now and I bought this one from New Look (£8). This look has a preppy feel to it, just how I like it.

I am wearing:

Internacionale Blazer
Peacocks Top 
Primark Skirt
New Look Tights
Burgundy Ankle Boots

Have you bought any new shoes lately?

Nokhuthula xo 

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