As the year comes to an end, here are my favourite Outfits of 2012!

It is the last day of 2012, can you believe it? This year has flown by!  I have had a lot of mixed feelings about 2012, too much has happened. Some great memories were made and some struggles were met too but I  came through just fine. I have only been on blogger for just over a month and a half, thought I'd share with you guys my favourite outfits of 2012. Here they are:

  1.  Bowlers & Bowties
  2. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow!
  3. Welcome to the mind of a maniac!
10.   I feel freedom; don't look back child!
11.   Les Miserables!
12.   Ombre

Can you actually believe we will be in 2013 in a couple of hours, 'scary stuff'. Thank you so much to everyone single one of you followers/readers and everyone who has supported me through the month and half that I've been on Blogger. My wee blog will be 2 months old on the 10th of Jan 2013 haha and I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for it. I really do appreciate all the lovely comments/emails and tweets received and look forward to Blogging some more in the new year. I hope you all have a wonderful new year!x

Blog goals for 2013
  • Share more of my DIYS and not just store them on my laptop.
  • Do more reviews.
  • Just continue being me!
Happy New Year! 
Nokhuthula xo

Rebel without a cause.. it's heavy Oxblood!

As we come to the end of 2012, take some time to reflect. It has been quite a year for me, from starting this blog a month and a half ago to my University graduation, not forgetting 'the end of the world', roller coaster much? Due to my curiosity and great love for experimenting with fashion, I have always wanted to try teaming up different clothing pieces of the same colour in one outfit! Well, today I did just that. Oxblood has been a huge trend this year and I feel its only right I bring this rather amazing yet dramatic year to a close in Oxblood. How can you fall victim to the winter blues whilst wearing such a gorgeous colour? 

I am a huge fan of skater dresses now mainly because they are flattering on many different body types, including mine. Because I'm so short, I am rather picky when it comes to the dresses I wear and tend to go for tight, short dresses or pencil dresses . However, I have a new found love for skater dresses and the colour of this dress is what caught my eye. Completely covered in Internacionale merchandise, I think I pulled off this look quite well. I definitely recommend having at least one skater dress in your wardrobe, they are a great statement piece. Those wedges are the most comfortable shoes in my shoe closet; they are sort of my 'go to' heels when I know I 'm going to have a long day.

I accessorised this outfit with a long necklace and a print coloured scarf; keeping it playful. Oh by the way, I have my new Revlon Lipstick on(light brown colour), should be doing a review on it soon.
I am wearing:

  H&M Bowler hat
Internacionale Blazer
Internacionale Skater Dress
Matalan Scarf
Internacionale Wedges
Primark Bag
Revlon Lipstick

How are you ending 2012 and what are your thoughts on my look?
Nokhuthula xo

10 Ways to spruce up your New Years Make Up!

New Years Eve is around the corner and it’s time to look dazzling. What better way than to choose your makeup right? Here are 6 beauty products that will surely make you stand out of the crowd..

Bling it up with Nails Inc Leather Effect and Skulls!

Sparkle in the crowd with Ciate Tutu sequined manicure!

Make a subtle statement with MAC 12 Lash faux eyelashes!

Try the peacock eye with MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Eyeshadow!
Go sexy and sultry with Chanel Rouge Allure in Coromandel!
Try pretty in pink with Dior Addict Lipstick in Couture!
Which product would you go for to look dazzling this New Years Eve?

Nokhuthula xo 

Achieve my look in just 20 minutes!

So, quite a few people have been asking me to do a 'Face of the day' post. I have taken photos of a few photos and will reveal my new hair in this post too!

These are the products that I have used today.

Step 1: Start by applying on your foundation base. Your base can be any sort of lotion, I use Nivea lotion. 
Step 2: Apply on a thin layer of foundation, I use MAC Studio Fix Foundation: Shade NW45. 
Step 3: Now use the eyeliner to give your eyes an intense look, mine is a Kohl black eyeliner.  
Step 4: Apply on some mascara. (I use Lacura beauty Mascara)
Step 5: My favourite part, grab the lipstick of your choice and put it on. In this case I used one of my favourite lipsticks, a pink £1 lipstick from Wilkinsons.

Step 6: Apply some blusher. I don't like noticeable blusher, I like it light! I use 'Island Beauty' light pink blusher simply because it is not very visible. Apply using the blusher brush for great coverage.  

& that's it, really simple. It takes me approximately 20 minutes to do this, great for when you are in a rush.
Oh and by the way, I HAVE NEW HAIR! Its a short light brown and black bob with a front fringe, 1 side is shorter than the other.
What do you think of my face of the day and my new hair?

Nokhuthua xo

Call of the wild.. the sporty way!

Call of the wild indeed having gone for these rather L O U D leopard print harem pants. Ahh, another obsession of mine, this ombre jumper of mine. When I saw this ombre jumper, I think I dribbled. The only issue was that it was in the men's section. Regardless of it being a men's jumper, I had to have it! Pretty sure some guys were looking at me thinking, "Well, she's a bit uncanny" due to the massive grin that was on my face.

So, I've gone for a sporty look today; I do have my off days. The thrifty bit of this outfit is the pants. Can you believe that I bought these fabulous harem pants for just £3 on Ebay. I love buying stuff on Ebay, you always find great pieces on there, at a brilliant price. All the beanies I own were bought on Ebay for like £2; I then DIY all my beanies myself to stamp a bit of my character on it. In this case, I studded this purple beanie right across the front with black spike studs. I like things that are different and quirky, makes fashion a tad more interesting.

I accessorised this outfit with a bronze/gold necklace and a print rucksack. I studded my shirt with red spike studs this morning actually, also I studded the ombre jumper sometime during the summer. Sneaker wedges have to be the most comfortable shoes out there. What could be better than great looking shoes, that are comfortable and give me a bit more height? I am after all, only 5ft 2.

I am wearing:

Ebay Beanie (DIYed)
Primark Ombre Jumper (DIYed)
Peacocks Shirt
Ebay Leopard Print Harem pants Sneaker wedges
Peacocks rucksack

What do you think of my look today and are you loving the Sporty Chic trend?

Nokhuthula xo

Welcome to the mind of a maniac!

And the nightmare continues, horrid weather and the endless attempts to get decent outfit photos. Taking blog pictures in winter is quite the mare! But hey, its nearly Christmas; a good reason to be cheerful! I've gone for a vintage feel today. Don't you just love this skirt? I know I do, I bought it for £6 from a small local shop in my area, such a great find. The print is just gorgeous and its very bright and vibrant; brightening up my very gloomy and cold winter day. I wore it with a bright coloured check shirt and a black jumper.

I accessorised this outfit with a bronze and gold statement necklace and my bowler hat, which I am currently obsessed with. My obsession with this bowler hat is getting out of hand and so I am looking into buying some more bowler hats in different colours. Would also like to try out fedora hats. This pair of shoes is one of my many favourite pairs of shoes, the best thing about these shoes is that I bought them for just £5; my best find yet.

I am wearing:

H&M Bowler Hat
Asos Geek Glasses
H&M Jumper
Superdry Shirt
Primark socks
Burgundy/Wine Ankle Boots

Which item from your wardrobe are you currently obsessed with? 

Nokhuthula xo

Dreary Day, Print Pants!

It has been absolute nightmare trying to get a decent photo of this outfit; with the weather being so dull. Still, I am happy to say that I am still afloat, I haven't fallen into the 'winter blues' just yet. My tireless efforts to not fall in a deep burrow of melancholia seem to be holding up well.

My favourite print pants! I have quite a lot of print trousers and these are right at the top of my list. I just love the aztec print on it. Not forgetting how baggy they are; these pants are very comfortable. My hair is concealed yet again, beanies are great for the winter.
I accessorised this outfit with a spike necklace that I got from New Look a while ago and a bright coloured beanie to match my shoes. My trusty leather jacket; statement piece all the way, adding an edge to my look. The colour and patterns of my shirt can't be seen properly so I took a photo close up too:

I am wearing:

Ebay Beanie (DIYed)
Ebay Leather jacket (DIYed)
H&M Shirt
New Look Necklace
H&M Pants
Internacionale heels

What is your favourite statement piece from your wardrobe?

Nokhuthula xo

NOTW: Tutorial #3 _Metallics & Bows!

Soft, subtle metallics are the nails to try this party season. I tend to rebel against dull weather most of the time by having bright coloured nails etc but today, I fancied a change. Finally bought my first metallic coloured nail polish. This was my first attempt ever at using a metallic nail polish and I think it turned out okay, wouldn't you agree?!

Here is how to get nails like mine:

What you need: 

  • Nail scissors
  • Nail file
  • Nail pen
  • Barry M Chameleon Colour Change Nail Polish
You can buy this nail polish on Asos, which is where I got mine: Barry M Chameleon Colour Change Nail Polish

How to do it:

  1. Always start by cutting and shaping your nails using the scissors and nail file. 
  2. Paint all your nails with the Barry M Chameleon Colour Change Nail Polish.
  3. Leave them to dry!  
  4. Once they are all dry, use the nail pen to draw any designs you want on your nails, your choice. I drew little bows and a bird on my ring finger using Rimmel London black nail polish.
  5. Now leave them to dry.
& Voila, 5 easy steps.

Simplicity is the order of the week.

What are your thoughts on my NOTW? Are you loving metallics? 

Nokhuthula xo 

The Perfect Nails for Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it is time to start planning those Christmas party outfits! Office parties, a get-together with the girls or even a family reunion requires a festive and fashionable outfit. But with the pressure on to wear the latest fashions and use the best beauty products - this time of year can be tough on your finances.

A quick and non-expensive way of giving your outfit a Christmassy and fashionable lift is by rocking Christmas nail designs. Luckily, wearing these designs on your nails doesn’t have to be a tricky as it sounds – the look can easily be achieved using nail wraps. Nail wraps allow you to create the hottest nails around without the hassle of nail polish. The wraps simply stick onto your finger and toenails, you then file them to the correct shape and voila! But best of all because the wraps are made with high quality vinyl film they won’t chip so will last longer than nail polish. They simply peel off when you are ready for a change so technically you could have a different nail design everyday of the Christmas season.    

There is a huge selection of Christmas Nail Wraps to choose from which means you can achieve any look you desire. If you are going for a more traditional look you could try a plain gold or red nail design which will compliment your outfit with the key colours of the season. Or if you are feeling adventurous, choose a patterned design to add that fashionable edge to your fingernails. 

For those who really want to rock the festive look, try a novelty design like snowflakes.

The white snowflakes sit with small silver diamantes on a transparent background, giving you the option of painting your nails first, to create a beautiful, festive finish.

Guest post by Shannon Lewis.
These nails wraps can be bought here: HND Nails
What are your thoughts on these Christmas nail wraps?  

Nokhuthula xo  

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