As the year comes to an end, here are my favourite Outfits of 2012!

It is the last day of 2012, can you believe it? This year has flown by!  I have had a lot of mixed feelings about 2012, too much has happened. Some great memories were made and some struggles were met too but I  came through just fine. I have only been on blogger for just over a month and a half, thought I'd share with you guys my favourite outfits of 2012. Here they are:

  1.  Bowlers & Bowties
  2. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow!
  3. Welcome to the mind of a maniac!
10.   I feel freedom; don't look back child!
11.   Les Miserables!
12.   Ombre

Can you actually believe we will be in 2013 in a couple of hours, 'scary stuff'. Thank you so much to everyone single one of you followers/readers and everyone who has supported me through the month and half that I've been on Blogger. My wee blog will be 2 months old on the 10th of Jan 2013 haha and I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for it. I really do appreciate all the lovely comments/emails and tweets received and look forward to Blogging some more in the new year. I hope you all have a wonderful new year!x

Blog goals for 2013
  • Share more of my DIYS and not just store them on my laptop.
  • Do more reviews.
  • Just continue being me!
Happy New Year! 
Nokhuthula xo

Rebel without a cause.. it's heavy Oxblood!

As we come to the end of 2012, take some time to reflect. It has been quite a year for me, from starting this blog a month and a half ago to my University graduation, not forgetting 'the end of the world', roller coaster much? Due to my curiosity and great love for experimenting with fashion, I have always wanted to try teaming up different clothing pieces of the same colour in one outfit! Well, today I did just that. Oxblood has been a huge trend this year and I feel its only right I bring this rather amazing yet dramatic year to a close in Oxblood. How can you fall victim to the winter blues whilst wearing such a gorgeous colour? 

I am a huge fan of skater dresses now mainly because they are flattering on many different body types, including mine. Because I'm so short, I am rather picky when it comes to the dresses I wear and tend to go for tight, short dresses or pencil dresses . However, I have a new found love for skater dresses and the colour of this dress is what caught my eye. Completely covered in Internacionale merchandise, I think I pulled off this look quite well. I definitely recommend having at least one skater dress in your wardrobe, they are a great statement piece. Those wedges are the most comfortable shoes in my shoe closet; they are sort of my 'go to' heels when I know I 'm going to have a long day.

I accessorised this outfit with a long necklace and a print coloured scarf; keeping it playful. Oh by the way, I have my new Revlon Lipstick on(light brown colour), should be doing a review on it soon.
I am wearing:

  H&M Bowler hat
Internacionale Blazer
Internacionale Skater Dress
Matalan Scarf
Internacionale Wedges
Primark Bag
Revlon Lipstick

How are you ending 2012 and what are your thoughts on my look?
Nokhuthula xo

Moody Melody, Shades of Burgundy!

Gone are the barelegged days, winter conveys a wet and gloomy atmosphere & if you are not careful, you might just fall into a deep burrow of melancholia. Colour madness, my kind of game; its what I live for. Being a chameleon when it comes to the weather, I find it artless not to fall into the blues of cloudy weather. 

Ahhhh, who doesn't love fuzzy oversized knit sweaters in winter; the fuzzier, the better. I love this burguny/wine sweater that I got from Primark around 2 months ago. Probably the softest sweater I own as well as being one of the warmest. I studded my beanie myself, yes studding yet again; I enjoy putting my stamp on things.

What better way is there to wear stripes leggings than with with a check shirt and a bright coloured oversized sweater. I am a colossal nitpicker when it comes to functionality in bags. Why? Because I like having easy access to my bag, makes my life so much easier. This look was a no brainer, mixing patterns with bright colours and neons rocks my socks off! 

I am wearing:

Ebay Beanie (DIYed)
New Look Gold Collar Necklace 
Peacocks Shirt
Primark Oversized Sweater
Sorayas Stripe Leggings
Matalan Socks
Burgundy Shoes
Matalan Bag

What do you think of my look today? Are you loving Burgundy/Oxblood/Maroon colours this winter?

Nokhuthula xo

New to Blogger, Join my Blog!

I am so excited to have finally moved to Blogger from Tumblr but I am gutted that I couldn't take all my lovely followers with me, I have to start from 0 followers here :(. I love Tumblr but it is restricted when it comes to feedback; It would be nice to have some feedback from my readers. 

Today has been my first day on Bloggers and I have been on a following spree, so if I follow you; do follow me back. Anyway, my outfit today is quite the mixture of colors. Yes, those ankle boots are new! I love them, the color is gorgeous and believe it or not, they are so comfortable. I got them for a steal price, £5; unbelievable right? Collar necklaces are so on trend right now and I bought this one from New Look (£8). This look has a preppy feel to it, just how I like it.

I am wearing:

Internacionale Blazer
Peacocks Top 
Primark Skirt
New Look Tights
Burgundy Ankle Boots

Have you bought any new shoes lately?

Nokhuthula xo 

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