Friday, 8 December 2017


I don't know about you but I love a good kitchen gadget. Most of my time when I'm home is spent in the kitchen which is why it's so important that I'm surrounded by all my favourite things. That way it starts to feel like 'your space', you know. A lot of research and looking around goes into online shopping. The majority of us don't buy until we've had a good look at a handful of reviews as this is a great way to get an idea of what the product is actually like in action and also hear about other people's experiences. Don't fancy doing all that digging? You don't have to, ReviewsBee does it all for you. This is a website that offers all the information you need on products that are right for you.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Bill's Cardiff Review

Eating out is alien to me, I love cooking which is why I rarely ever eat out but after making my very first trip to Bill's, I have taken it upon myself to try out as many restaurants in Cardiff as possible in 2018. I will not be venturing on this quest alone of course, my boyfriend has kindly volunteered to take this on with me.  Our goal is to dine at 3 different restaurants a month which totals up to 36 restaurants to be visited in 2018. Earlier this year I actually started a new category on this blog called 'Cardiff Food Guide'. There, you can read my reviews on some of the restaurants I've recently been to. It's basically a chance to see what Cardiff has to offer. Bill's presents beautiful surroundings, a modern interior and a buzzing atmosphere, one that allows you to start off your day on a high note. The staff were friendly, greeted with a smile when we arrived and they extremely helpful, lending a hand whenever they could. First opened in 2012, Bills has become an exclusive dining destination, one that seems to be packed to the brim day in, day out. Now, I finally understand why.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (no added sugar)

When you think muffins; you instantly think calories right? However, if you're a big muffin lover like me, you'll find a way to make those delicious balls of goodness just that little bit healthier. Home-baking is a great way to do this, you have control of what goes into your mix and of course total power over the flavour. This morning I baked a lovely batch of healthy Banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. They are under 250 calories and have no added sugar which will make your teeth very happy. I can safely say that these are my favourite muffins to date; they are moist and make a delicious breakfast or snack.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Pick me up Breakfast

 Happy Saturday! We made it through another busy week and I'm feeling rather grateful for all the good things in my life. After cowering away from running for years, I finally joined a running team in University and completed my first 5K run in Bute Park that very same day. Needless to say, I felt absolutely incredible afterwards, it is quite the achievement for me. I then went on to complete an 8K run on Thursday evening and a 3.5K run yesterday, phew. I've ran so much the past three days mainly because I'm getting a kick out of it, really enjoying myself. The fact that my running route is absolutely beautiful is a bonus.

What makes it better is that I'm not running on my own, it's becoming more of a social thing which is great for the mind. Keeping fit with friends, my idea of a great afternoon or evening. I have found something I truly enjoy. Now lets talk breakfast, oats topped with fruits and seeds is the ultimate breakfast combination. This easy bowl is packed with nutrients, will keep you energised and gets you fueled up for the day ahead. As well as being delicious and absolutely good for you, these kinds of breakfasts are so easy to make. Looking for convenience, this one's for you.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Mushroom & Courgette Pasta Stir Fry

Quick, effortless and nutritious, this stir fry is a great way to get in Micronutrients; you know the body's miniscule helpers that rarely ever come up in conversation. I'm talking Vitamins, Minerals, trace elements like Riboflavin, Zinc, Copper, Phosphorous, shall I go on? Just because they are small and are not spoken of nearly as much as macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein) does not mean they are unimportant. Society seems so focused on macronutrients but what about the little guys? Micronutrients are the essential building blocks of a healthy body, mind and bones, fruits and vegetables are excellent sources. They are essential because the human body cannot produce them and so they can be obtained through diet. Even though they are required in very small amounts, their complete absence would have some serious effects. For all the metabolic processes to take place successfully within the body, Micronutrients are needed. Fancy indulging in the little guys more often? This stir fry might just be what you're looking for.
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